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If you’re considering a saltwater aquarium then you probably already have some ideas of the fish you want to keep. You may not know all their names, but you at least have a mental image of what they look like and can picture them swimming happily up and down your tank already. But before you get too far ahead of yourself, let’s take a closer look at those fish and see if you’re headed for a tropical paradise or a underwater disaster.

What makes a good starter fish?
First, we need to determine just what it is that makes a fish suitable for the beginner in the first place. Meeting every single one of these criteria for each fish isn’t critical but doing so will ultimately mean less problems later. If you want to buy Sea horse click the link Dried seahorse for sale online

Small Size- probably the most important, you need fish that will fit happily in your aquarium.
Friendly- you also need fish that won’t kill each other.
Hardy- some fish are extremely delicate so avoiding them is key.
Affordable- it’s your first tank and mistakes are prone to happen; at least you can avoid them being costly mistakes.
Easy to Feed- the ocean is full of specialty feeders that are best left to the experts.
Easy to Obtain- getting just the fish you want is nice, but for some species you could be waiting a long time.

recommended species: Ocellaris Clown, Percula Clown
Clownfish are possibly the most recognized and most desired of all the marine fish. Nearly all clowns for sale these days are captive bred, making them a hardy bunch and a great choice for your first foray into a saltwater tank. Besides the classic look, clownfish come in various other patterns as well as some color variations. The one drawback is that clowns can be somewhat aggressive. Furthermore, while clownfish are well known for their tendency to live amongst the tentacles of anemones they will get along perfectly fine without one.

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