Halo Combat Evolved Review

Halo Combat Evolved PC edition is one of the most fun packed first person shooter games that you can play online or by yourself. Halo is one of the only games out there where you don’t need a rocking gaming computer to play or to receive good graphics. Another great feature is that you can either play for free with the “Halo Combat Evolved Trial Edition” or you can buy the whole game for around $19.95 new. We Have An Idea Of Halo: Combat Evolved PC Release, And It Starts Sooner Than You Think

Halo Trial Edition is a great way to play the game if you do not have the money to buy the full game, now even though it says “trial” There is actually no time limit to which you can play, once you download it you can play with unlimited time forever. The only Disadvantage of playing the trial version is that you can only play one map which is “Blood Gulch” and you can only play 2 game modes which is “Slayer and Capture The Flag”. But the upside is that there are always a substantial amount of players playing 24/7, so you will always find a game.

The full version of Halo, blows the trial version out of the water without a doubt. With the full version you get access to over multi player maps, over 5 styles of game play, sick modifications, unlimited custom server creation options, custom vehicle selection, and much more. You can also play the full single player off line story mode (campaign).

Now if you are a social person, there are a great selection of leagues, clubs, and crews to join. These clubs and crews are all run by individual persons, not the game it self. You can usually find crews by doing a Google search on “Halo Crews” or you can go to servers on the multi player mode, with the word “tryouts” as people usually set up servers where they will play a game with you and if you are good, they will recruit you into the crew. If you plan on doing this, it is best to have X fire, which is a gaming community and launcher, that has a community chat room for you and your friends/crews, and you can quickly launch your halo game from the X fire server,and find servers you want to play on.

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