Maplestory Magician Tips

As we all know magicians powers are used for magic attacks and casting spells so here are some valuable Maplestory magician tips that will help you through the game. Firstly you need to know that magicians are weak and have to advance to level 10 enabling you to join the other three classes.

Just know that at the start of the game it is more difficult for magicians to kill enemies as opposed to the other classes. It is wise to spend your skill points on nimble feet or three snails that’s if you have money for potions or alternatively if you are a new player then spend your skill points on recovery.

Here are some Maplestory magician tips when you are ready to become a magician. Firstly you need to decide what type of magician you want to become for instance Lukless magicians have points added to INT and the gear cost more than the normal magician. Animation salon professionnel Paris are also able to make use of all the gear available on any level.

Another Maplestory magician tip is that if you have been trained by Mai as well as recommended by Lucas you are able to take Shank’s ship without paying and in addition get 100 HP as well as 100 MP pots from Olaf. Once you have reached Ellinia go to the magic library and speak to Grendel who will increase your max MP considerably as well as give you 1 SP.

By using shell throw as a beginner you will be able to fight much larger monsters and for taking down mushrooms it is well worth using a pair of red shells. When you have reached your first job you will advance and improve your skills quickly and you should have reached level 20. When you are on level 20 you will e able to do more damage than any other of the classes because you will be granted the magic claw which is an exceptionally powerful first job spell.

To be able to make the most of your Maplestory magician tips you should think of downloading the Maplestory magician guide which will enable you to create a powerful character as well as become a master in spell casting helping you get the most out of your skills and abilities. You need to have expert magical skills as you have very low health and without powerful magical skills you will easily die at the hands of the monsters.

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