Proper Steps to Getting Into the Jerr-Dan Tow Truck Business

First off you need to know the different types of tow trucks that are available. How you decide can be based on what tow trucks for sale exist in your area and what Jerr-Dan tow trucks offers the right options for your intended operation. There are four types of tow trucks that are available. The most common truck for the New England region is the flatbed or car carrier. The reason many tow truck operators prefer this rig is that many vehicles in the snowy climates have all wheel drive and can not be towed by a wrecker. The second type is the wrecker, which is basically a tow truck with a hook and sling that picks up the rear of the truck and pulls it on its front two wheels. The final type of tow truck is the heavy duty, which exists to pull large vehicles out of ditches and to pull a tractor trailers, etc. There are many used towing service for sale in Massachusetts that can range from $5,000 to $100,000. It all depends how much you want to invest in your business.

After you determine you’re the necessary budget and truck for your region, you will want to determine if you have the proper skills and competency or if you can learn the right skills. The Jerr-Dan Truck operator must be proficient in technical skills; being able to determine the best way to hook a broken down vehicle that will result in limited damage to the customers vehicle. In addition, a strong mechanical background to figure out if a broken down vehicle simply needs a jump or a spare tire installed. Also, people skills are a must. Some instances may require dealing with repossessing a car from a person who stopped paying for their new truck, to towing vehicles that park illegally during a snow ban. There is also a good chance that the people you deal with are at their wits end and are emotional. You need to calm the situation and resolve it as quickly as possible.

When entering the industry, a high school diploma is usually all you need for education, but a strong background in the mechanics is recommended. Such as body work and minor car repair. In addition many people choose to take truck driving schools to get an idea of what they need to work with. Although these options are suggested, many learn how to deal in the industry with on the job training. Many think this is the best way to adapt to the industry.

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