Understanding Leather Products

Be aware that some PU leather products that have been around for a long time have new formulations. Therefore, chemically you are really looking at an entirely new leather product so while you think you may be achieving certain results from using the product last year; this year with the new formulations, the results achieved could be very different. Additionally, some leather products that have been in use for a long time were used for a different purpose than used today.

Acrylic Copolymers

Technology continues to offer new leather products such as acrylic copolymers that form a barrier ‘net’ too fine for water molecules to pass through, but still porous enough to let water vapor in so the leather can still breath. These products do not have the slippery consistency of silicone sprays and do not have a negative effect on dyes.

Most reputable leather merchants will also give you guidelines about how to care for your leather. Some even provide information about how to tell good leather from bad.


This natural leather product has been in use for a long time. Today, it is combined with ingredients that are more modern, which allows for better leather products to be made. One of the primary things that beeswax does is provides waterproofing although it also replaces natural oils.


Blackball is a combination of beef tallow, beeswax, and soot that was used in the 18th century as a multi-purpose leather treatment, waterproofing, conditioning, and blackening in one fell swoop.

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